Halloween Party

Halloween Party

This is gonna be one long funky night, we’re telling you!
Prepare your hands to clap, give a rest to your legs to dance later and get some Pepto Bismol beforehand, as the night will be on fire!

This Halloween Party will be a themed costume party, with sassy Renaissance age dresses being welcome (though, you may restrict yourself only to a bad hat out of that time period)…

DJs Marco Ressman, La Fleur from Quebec, Mr. Fill, and DJ Stranger will all be there, with their LIVE sets!


12th June
DJs lineup: Marco Resmann, La Fleur, Mr.Fill – Live, DJ Stranger
Time: 09:00pm – 06:00am

• 1 – 5 tickets $69.00
• 15 – 15 tickets $59.00
• 15 – 30 tickets $49.00